Modesto Area Street Rod Association

 Shop Tour: 

Rick Van Unen's Shop 


     On Saturday, August 16, 2014 our car club traveled to Ripon for a private shop tour of Rick Van Unen's cars and memorabilia.  Rick and his wife Valerie, greeted us with coffee and donuts and made us all feel very welcome.  We then were invited to leisurely view his entire car collection and very unique antiques and memorabilia.  The combination of cars and collectables was very impressive, we all had a great time.  Barbi Huntley took lots of great pictures as well as a group picture with the Van Unen's which was later framed and presented to them as a thank you.

     After the tour we headed back to Taxi's Hamburgers in Modesto for a great lunch that the club paid for.  All in all it was a Great Day!    

 I love modesto area street rods

...Waitress... We'll take 53 cheese burgers, 32 vanilla shakes, 17 chocolate shakes, and 2 diet cokes to go !   Charge them to Ray over there in the Bumper Car.    Hey guys where's Ray ?